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This space is a peer centered group for adult adoptees from various regions of South America and Extended Latin Americas or those whose biological family have ties to these regions. Our mission is to provide adoptees with a space for connection, support and encouragement in any step of their journeys. We are not a clinical space, but rather a community space.


Our co-creators host monthly zoom calls where we typically cover a wide range of topics, adoptee related and not. Adoptees must be 18 years + to join zoom calls.


To register: fill out our google form located in the ASA + Extended Latin Americas Instagram bio. We also facilitate a private Facebook group and Instagram page where we are able to connect outside of our zoom calls & uplift the voices in our community. Adoptees must be 18 years + to join private Facebook group.

                                  Instagram: @adopteesofsouthamerica

                                  Facebook Group: @adopteesofsouthamerica

                                 Facebook Page: @adopteesofsouthamerica



            Co- Creators - Group Facilitators - Content Creators: Maria Fernanda and Megan Keif

             Team Member - Group facilitator - Content Creator: Kyleigh VanderWell


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